The Obama Train~Spending America to Extinction

Barack Hussein Obama decided that the media which hoisted the momentum of his campaign should never slow down. He must show the poor and middle class who are now out of work making us all poor that he can out spend his way into the Whitehouse.

The train slowly brings Obama towards the Whitehouse in style, a style which none of us will be able to afford in our lifetime. The Obama train makes stops in Pennsylvania, and Delaware as it makes its final stop in Washington. This is where the twelve limousines and one ambulance needed to drive one to the guest house of the Whitehouse which I am sure costs a pretty penny.

Obama will be inaugurated on January twentieth; will be a party to end all parties. The cost is a whopping one hundred and fifty million American hard earned dollars and Obama will spare no expense. They just added ten thousand out houses for the common folk to use for this party which brings the total up to fifteen thousand for two and a half million people. Although there were indeed fights during the election due to differences of opinion, I am sure there will be nothing but peace during this Obama spectacular. We can not expect any broken heads over the shortness of restrooms, only some busted bladders.

In a few days we will be back to a one president country. It will be business as usual. Obama will not need to rent a room for his family because they will be sleeping comfortable in the Whitehouse. Between the campaign, the train and the parties, Obama paid a whopping one billion to be seated in the highest elected office in America. He then will keep his momentum going by spending another trillion dollars once in office to keep America in the red, no pun intended.

While jobs, homelessness, and people starving in America now on the rise, I am sure we can all rest knowing that well over a trillion is being spent on keeping business alive even though Americans can’t afford to spend money in these establishments so what good does it all do? Maybe changing the name of his phone to the Barackberry, or the blackbarry will make stocks soar for that company.

Some is very wrong when the money doesn’t reach the people which is key to keeping the American economy alive. As long as the Obama message of change is still the message keeping the Obama team forging ahead, I am sure in four years we will all be changing, changing presidents. If he gives all he spends to the people, the working folks, America would get off cheaper in the long run. So as far as anyone can tell, the first promise is already breached, cut government spending.

To say he will cut government spending while outspending any other president even before he becomes president is a farce. It is like the buffalo. When the natives, the first dwellers of this land used buffalo for food, there was plenty. Once government was created, Americans ate over a billion buffalo for breakfast which almost drove the animal to extinction. I hope Obama doesn’t spend America into extinction in the name of momentum.

Where do they draw the line? When do the democrats draw the line from blaming Bush for what they are spending to blaming themselves, time will tell but make no mistake, we don’t have a lot of that left.

2 thoughts on “The Obama Train~Spending America to Extinction

  1. Does anyone have any idea why o’bama feels with the country all but broke he deserves the biggest party on earth and in history for himself! This is insane to feel he is better than any man that has came before him. The chosen one is showing us he will live better than anyone has in history and we will pay dearly for it.

    o’bama, nancy, dodd and crazy barney will show us it cost to have them making the decision for us.

    God help American!!!

  2. Obama is arrogant enough to make his money while President and doesn’t really care who else is making money. He thinks he is better then us which is a mistake. Yopu aint seen nothin yet. Jo, we are in deep trouble here. Life is not a party, I have seen it with Mayor Dinkens, the mayor of New York who thought being mayor was sitting in parades and watching tennis games. Obama partied through the election process using tactics making fools of so many. Now if you hadn’t notices, he is calling McCain a great american and a mighty politician. After the fighting, stops, when Obama gets sworn in to office, his fun begins and we all lose, yes, even the ones that misunderstood him when he said, he would pull us all together because our souls were broken. We need money, Obama has it, we don’t, big business is getting it, we are not. They say, “America, love it or leave it”, well I sure do damn love it as it was, and if we become the socialist country Obama wants, I sure as hell will leave it.

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