Casey Anthony~Hot or Not

Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony, discovers herself. A girl just a moment ago turned woman in the wink of an eye. Her 36c 24 36 body will seduce any man or woman and her smile, oh what a smile with those perfectly straight white teeth.

Being a child herself when she had her baby didn’t help matters in her life until one day, she found herself looking in the mirror at her shapely perfect magnificent skin. She is so soft and shapely and the envy of all who surrounded her. The men all wanted her and the woman wanted to be around her and she wanted it, she wanted it all.

Casey had the best of all worlds. She can seduce a man which was all new to her and is not about to let it go not noticed. Her walk was slow and exact in presence and she knew all eyes were upon her.and in her mind, they were, and now are.

You see her, watch her every move, wanting her, wishing you can be her, or fantasizing about being with her. You want to protect her and caress her, you lust after her thinking about her your every waking moment for this is how such a woman thinks of herself.

Casey is looking for something that is missing in her life. She wants like many women almost untouchable in the minds of so many, she is looking for her perfect mate and will stop at nothing to get her wish. She wants someone that would dedicate their life totally to her and distracted by nothing else her aim is to do just that. She wants that daddy that ignored her most of her childhood and wasn’t about to let anything stand in her way of her goal.

She walks into a club wiggling just enough to gain your attention, and she does. Her eyes meet yours and this gives you the opportunity to go for it. She talks a bit with you but sees you turn to look at some other woman that walked into the room and losses interest in you for you are not what she wants. What she needs is someone to focus on her beauty and act as if there is nothing in the world that matters.

If you do everything right you will end up in bed with this perfect woman but will most likely do something to ruin it somewhere down the line. You might have turned on the television and watch a show with a hot celebrity on it; this will not do so you are out.

The man or woman that is the perfect match for this sexy woman would need to be so attentive, so endearing, and so dedicated to her to make it past the deserving stages in her mind and if you do you are her perfect match until she gets bored of you. A real match for Casey will and could never be for one simple reason. Even if you succeed in winning her over you will start to see the one flaw in this woman which is that she is capable of murder which will make you despise in her the one thing you loved.

Now all the shaking, the moves, and the smiles in the world wont get this sexy woman what she desires most which is someone to worship her. She had that once, but confused it with taking away from her attention, her attraction, and her sexiness. She had the one person that was undeniably dedicated to her with undivided focus and unconditional love, that person was Caylee.


26 thoughts on “Casey Anthony~Hot or Not

  1. WHAT???!!!?! Are you trying to tell me that 54% voted that Casey Anthony is HOT???!!!?! PUH-LEEEEEZE!!!!!! I would love to know the average age of voters. My guess would be 12-years-old.

  2. I dont think every man on earth would of melt down to her beck and call..She’s far from MISS UNIVERSE!!(even though Casey thinks she is.

  3. Unless she looks much better in person than in the photos shown on TV, she is not hot!!!! ‘She’s’, (as an old song put it), ‘a man eater.’ Most likely her sex addiction comes from a very poor relationship with her dad and her bisexuality from an antagonistic relationship with her mother. But hot, she is not.

  4. So if she had not killed someone you would turn away? I am sure with you doing all the right things Casey would have clutched on to you. Admit it, she is perfect, the perfect hotty and she would remind you of that every day you are together.

  5. If she wasn’t who she is, would you think at first glace she was hot, being that she killed someone creates an ugly aura around her now doesn’t it? What she needs is a man dedicated to her and only her, one that would worship her every need, let her do whatever she wants, and be a slave to her needs, and then when she is dependent on the one that she thinks is the one, he leaves.

  6. I dont myself look at women and say there hot.(thats a word men use.I think she is attractive looking…Cute is the word I would use..What Casey needed was to leave the men alone and should of taken care of her baby..Men come and go..Her child should of been her first priority…

  7. Casey’s problem was not really needing to leave anyone alone. She did not chose anyone but herself over her child as her first priority. She gave birth to Caylee , but beyond being a biological mother, she never became a real mother. There is far more to being a mother than just having a child.

  8. Your right John about Casey choosing herself over being a mother to Caylee..Her need to party and men were more of her need to love and protect her child as well.Casey was all about herself..

  9. Come on Maria, you can’t tell me that you don’t see Casey, all her hotness, as she sees herself can you? HIDDEN MESSAGE=(Don’t let anyone know this but, you have the wildest blue eyes I have ever seen.)

  10. I THINK THAT WOULD BE BOLOGNA. Personally I don’t go by looks, I think a woman is sexy when she is creative, funny, and well you know the whole personality bit. I am sure you would see Caseys greatness, her hotness, her perfection, if you were her wouldn’t you agree?

  11. I do have the list, as for the people viting against Caseys hotness, that would be between the ages of 20 and 57. The believers, well I am not sure but it looks as if somehow, the ages are between 23 and 25, Casey’s friends most likely, or who knows, Casey herself.

  12. Miss Universe has a body builder figure. No, Casey has the curves, the moves, and knew how to use this to her advantage, so she thinks, so yes, I would agree, in her mind, wink wink.

  13. Oh yeah, she is a killer in bed, she also has a great sence of humor, a real cut up, wait, thats an OJ joke, um, she is Her form, you must agree is hardcore, chloroform that is, lol. Listen, enough of the jokes here, I visited her the other day and the first thing I asked her was, “Why the long face?” ok I’ll stop. People, lighten up, this thread was sarcastic, this is what the kid thinks of herself. Her baby is dead and she is asking her mother, “How do you think I feel?” Me me me, hot hot hot, me, me, gimme gimme gimme, mine mine mine.

  14. She is hot alright….. no doubt about it! However, having kids of my own, she just sickens me to even hear her speak.
    I have followed this from the beginning. Sometimes it boils down to the simplest of questions. Like in the OJ trial…. Had the prosecution asked some of the neighbors, “how many times have you seen Mr. Simpson (with a 5 car garage), park his vehicle in the street over night…..especially when he’s going away for a weekend?” Maybe the jury could have got that!
    In Casey’s case, she claims that someone named Jeffery and (I think it was) Julie are the ones she told about Caylee’s disappearance. did that pan out? Did this Jeffery really leave his son with this, so called Nanny too, as she claimed? Never heard an answer to any of that yet. I’d like to know (maybe through Nancy Grace) had anyone…… anyone at all ever met this nanny? I already know that the answer is no!
    I feel so sad for the beautiful little girl. I think that the whole thing was over this dysfunctional family and the attention between the granddaughter and grandmother.
    GUILTY! That poor darling little girl…..

  15. ummmm you are saying she is perfect?!?!


    Comment by John | 01/19/2009

    So if she had not killed someone you would turn away? I am sure with you doing all the right things Casey would have clutched on to you. Admit it, she is perfect, the perfect hotty and she would remind you of that every day you are together.

    have u seen her nose?? i cant believe u guys are talking about her like this and glorifying her maybe you should go on e-bay and buy the new casey anthony doll dressed in the american flag.. then u can have ur perfect hottie in ur room and she can remind you of it as u wack off to her


  16. Ash, I am not saying she is hot at all here. I am saying this to make a point. The perfect woman is ugly because of how she presents herself. I also see by your resentment that you are better then she is, now that is not sarcasm. Anyone who really thinks that a woman like Casey Anthony, who thinks she is all that and a sack of gold, is not pretty in my book. You my friend haven’t fell for the bait but then again, most women don’t.

  17. that wasnt directed to you lol.. it was directed to that john guy who said that she is the perfect hottie i think its utterly disgusting .. but thank you for the comment

    i see what you were saying about how she may be pretty and she may be swift with her words but indeed she is not pretty on the inside.. at first i was on her side being a mother myself to a 7 month old i know how stressful it can be and how you can snap even if its not out of hate and i thought maybe theres something else we dont know maybe she was never treated for postpardom depression and in the last 2 years or so it be came a real problem .. but i can say now that with all this other evidence it seems to me like she thought about doing this and planed it (not very well i might add) and in that i think she is wrong 100% with her “i absoloutlys” and her “lost cell fone” and her “nanny” for caylee when she hadnt had a job in so long… it jus screams wrong doings.. i do have a question for you though.. being that you have special out looks on things and believe that you are pysic (yea i kno i cant spell so what?) do you in turn believe in a natal birth chart?

  18. Ash, I can’t spell eather and hardly edit but the point get acrodd I think. Hey we have to type fast to get our point across. I love what your input and can read your replies just fine.

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