Remembering MLK on his Special Day! (or will we?)

Martin Luther King Jr. has his very own day dedicated to freedom for all mankind. He had a special vision for everyman to live in harmony, not just the Beach Boys. He marched on Washington and voices were heard and then we all knew the times they were a changin.

The Office of the President Elect Obama, I guess that’s what he wants to be called these days which to me seems like such a long title for a man who is not president yet, like Ben Franklyn is not seeking to get in the way of MLK’s very special day in any way shape or form but he doesn’t want the momentum of his change message to be distracted by anyone.

Yes Martin was a great civic leader as is Obama, Barack Obama the first black man to be elected president of the United States of America. Like M, Barack Hussein Obama, the first black man who is to have the party to end all parties, the party is his inauguration, and the second party meaning political parties, will make history like no other of his races.

The man who marched along side of so many to create change will be honored on his special Monday but the real deal and what has Americans all buzzing is Barack Hussein Obama and his first lady Michelle, his two children and his posse, the Clintons along with Loose lips Biden.

No, President Elect Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t want to take any glory away from the man who saw the mountain top so he will lay low on at least that one special day.

So as we remember what’s his name in the sake of something or another, let’s keep the President Elect Barack Hussein Obama in the back of our minds for the sake of a country, after all that guy who we will celebrate on Monday is still one of the first black men to seek change. Oh, wait, the Obama “look at me” train is passing by, wow, it makes a lot of stops and they make it to Washington. Wow, fifteen limos for the guy that isn’t president yet, wow, so much money spent that can be making sure people in this country without jobs are eating but, the party comes first, political party that is.

I am sure, President elect Barack Obama wont step on MLK’s toes as I am sure he would want it no other way and I am sure his press conference on that special day wont interfere with MLK’s special day what so ever which is might white of him, oops half white as the Obama Drama continues.

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