Obama Makes History~Others Just Need To Make

The first black man to be sworn in as the President of these United States will be history in the making. He will place his hand on the Lincoln bible and say, “I do” while so many watch this magic moment. The issue is not a racist one. I actually think Obama will be for all the people but for so many it brings closure to a long awaited problem in this country.

Their will be an estimated two million people watching Barack Obama swear on the bible but what will be running through the minds of the more prominent members of this audience?

As the camera pans the audience it spots Oprah. Oprah will be holding a tissue to her nose which is hiding a Clark Bar and she will think, “Why, oh why didn’t I get to be on the Obama team, I did a lot, I even went so far as to call the guy Jesus, oh why.” Then the camera will pan through once again and spotlight Jessie Jackson who is also crying his eyes out thinking, “Damn, This could have, hell, should have been be. I ran, but no one listened. Iraq but the pool hall closed. Man oh man that should be me up there.” Then the spotlight hits Bill Aires and he is sitting proudly thinking, “Should I, na, why waste a bomb.” Then once again the camera moves around only to fine the wrong Reverend Write and he is thinking, “Man, what are all these Crackers doing here?” Oprah hears this and yells over, “I’ll take one, I am starving to death.” Low and behold, the cameras catch George Bush sitting in the front row. He is sitting up straight and can’t really say what he is thinking; it is like some kind of force field is surrounding his brain. He does however reach into his pocket and places a straw to his lips and… Hold on, is he shooting spitballs at Obama? The funny thing of it is, when he arrived, they confiscated his shoes for some reason. Then they spot Hillary, she is sitting smiling and wondering is the make up is hiding those leather moe bags under her eyes and why she isn’t on stage getting sworn in too. after all she is more qualified then Obama is, she was first lady, now can Obama say that?

The inauguration goes off without a hitch and the festivities begin. The joke is, five thousand bathrooms for two million people at an inauguration that cost more then the last four presidents put together. Here is when the crap hits the fan. Here is when Obama truly understands that the real America doesn’t have a pot to pee in.

Well its all over but the shouting. Obama is settling in at the Whitehouse, Bush is on his way to his two million dollar home, and the people got one of their wishes. The other wish is that their was at least another ten thousand bathrooms on hand.

In the UK they would never have this problem, over there, your a pee on, and here, well, your a nation and this is whats going to happen all over DC because so many can’t hold it for so few.

One more thing, the six degrees of Obama. Obama the first black to become President puts his hand on the Lincoln bible, Lincoln was shot in the temple in Fords Theatre, Shirley Temple black drives a Ford, Ford is going Bankrupt, and Obama who is black will shirley bail out Ford, which will drive the costs up on their lincolns. Wow, its all connected.


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