Casey Anthony~What If?

What if Casey Anthony told her story when forced to by Mom? What if Mommy forced Casey after a month of not seeing her granddaughter around, grabbed her by the collar and said, “Where is she and I want to know now, after smelling death around the car, Casey’s car? What if mom gave Casey a day to find her not really believing her story then called the police herself? What if, Dad then being in the law game himself decides to hire a team of lawyers and Casey tells them where she dumped the body? What if Dad was told by the lawyers where Casey was dumped and dad has some of his own team search the woods near his home, hiring some poor guy to call the police after they do see a bag? What if now, everyone is just as guilty for helping Casey in her plight to cover up meaning Mom Dad lawyers and the utility man as well as detectives hired by dad? What if Casey finally breaks down after guilt sets in weighing too heavily on her mind and she decides to tell all in a book to pay for all of her high dollar defense team? What if Casey doesn’t actually write it herself but sends out one letter at a time to someone she knows that could actually write the sad truth? What if Casey comes out of this smelling like a rose while her poor daughter need to suffer needlessly for selfish reasoning on behalf of her narcissist mother?

There are a lot of what if’s in my scenario being that we cannot really come out and call someone guilty even if they are. You see, in this country we can torture a terrorist to get the information we need to protect our country but we are not allowed to torture a murderer to get the truth for torturing a child. Casey has been treated with kindness since it was revealed what she had done and why? We say we love the children but we really don’t or we would have had the truth more then a month ago. What if we stopped treating criminals like guests?
UPDATE: The duct tape that was used to cover the childs mouth had a heart shaped sticker placed on it. I guess a stranger would have went out of their way to do something like this, not Casey, oh no. I wonder if they checked the heart shaped sticker for fingerprints?

21 thoughts on “Casey Anthony~What If?

  1. Casey is afforded by the Constitution the presumption of innocense and a fair and impartial jury of her peers to render judgement and punishment. She is not being treated like a guest at the Ritz. She is held in confinement and has for all intents and purposes been denied certain freedoms. She has a right to an attorney and the best defense he can summon.

    This is the American judicial system in action. The wheels of justice grind slowly but justice will be served. Nothing her parents did or didn;t do before or after the fact play a significant role in proving guilt or innocence. She will stand alone as the last person to see Caylee alive. She will have to tell the truth to her lawyer so that he can defend her. If she decides that the truth is her domain and only hers, than the crime scene evidence will be the voice of the victim and she will speak loud and clear for all to hear.

    The Anthony’s know that she will spend the rest of her life in prison and they will see others do what they never could do-punish her. The Anthony’s will see through the manuverings in the courtroom that what they called parenting was aiding and abetting (in a moral context) a homicidal killer. They were abused by her temper, her rage and were Casey’s first crime victims. She stole from them, she more than likely abused Caylee during bouts of depression and despair. They were verbally assaulted by her on countless occasions. What did they do? We don;t know. All we do know for sure is that whatever it was it was never enough.

    They never called police until it dawned on them that the child was dead. Had Caylee not sceamed out at them from the trunk of the car we may never have known what happened to her.

  2. This is one case where the suspect should be beaten with a hose until she talks.

    They should not be allowed to just clam up.

  3. Torturing any human being for any reason is not humane- Rise above the murderers, rapists, etc and be what you want to see in others! What if…

  4. Glad I found your blog, the “welcome to my blog” was amusing and a good read.

    How can I find more articles on “your take on things”?

    In other words, im to lazy to google so i’m asking for a link.

  5. First of all, she is in a room not a prison cell, she gets television, all the snacks she wants, and I do believe that she won’t spend the rest of her life in prison. “The Constitution the presumption of innocense,” is a joke, OJ proved it a few years back, remember? Her peers? Is the cort going to find twelve murderers to sit in judgement? Casey is a minipulative bitch and needs justice handed to her but she hasn’t so far. We need to start treating criminals like criminals innocent people don’t get picked on just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time and as for this blog, I did say what if didn’t I? One last thing, wow, your comment is longer then my blog.

  6. I do believe the Anthony’s know the truth. I don’t know when for sure they knew it but they do know it now. How they could do what they have use people and not tell the truth is horrible. To love Casey so much they would forget Caylee and write her off as Casey did is something I don’t think a person could live with.

    I pray about this case a lot I want the truth and justice for Caylee she deserves no less. I want her grandparents to stand up and show some love for Caylee and tell the truth. I don’t want Casey to walk away from this and I am afraid she may!

    If you loved your Granddaughter wouldn’t you be at the jail demanding the truth?

    As far as Casey goes and if jail is hard on her I don’t care. If that makes me bad than I am bad. Casey has surely killed her precious baby and hurt her parents and everyone that she has known. I don’t care if life is hard on her now. If Casey had a heart or soul she would tell the truth but she will not because she is a empty person. She feels no compassion she feels nothing for anyone other than herself. Casey can live killing Caylee because she is a empty person and Caylee was nothing to her. The main thing to Casey is her Mother won’t ever have Caylee now. I bet Casey believes she will walk away from this. Which I pray she won’t but it could happen.

  7. Jo-Why would parents who knew that they had a daughter with a terrible temper and no impulse control not go and look for her? Do they believe that a message on MySpace was going to bring her home? They knew when they picked up the car at the towyard that someone was dead and when they found Casey they called the police because they knew Caylee was dead. They asked their daughter and she had nothing to tell them.
    Within 48 hours….
    Wasn’t it amazing how they began to spoil the well from the moment Casey was arrested. They raised their swords and began the battle and in the interim were the ringleaders in a three ring circus. All the while deflecting responsibility from Casey to Zanny and to Jesse. When that didn’t work they started to announce live sightings of Caylee and demanding that all their tips get equal time. Most people who have been reportedly kidnapped put it in the very capable hands of the FBI.

    Jo as much as I want to answer your question “wouldn’t you want to be at the jail demmanding the truth?”, most people would but most people don’t have to deal with a “Casey”.

    George and Cindy Anthony for all that they did and failed to do were way out of their league with Casey. She has a malignant heart and a motherload of narcissism.

    Prison for Casey will be hell. She will never have an opportunity to change her address. One day will look like the last. She will never shop again. She will never have the opportunity to change from heels to flats, she will never be able to change into something more comfortable,she will never change her name, she will never have intimacy again, no one in her family will be allowed to touch her,she will always know why she is in prison but never comprehend why so many people cared. Prison will be punishment.

  8. Boston, you are so right! The way you put it I can now see the Anthony’s are lost in Casey. My son is not perfect he is now grown but we sure had sometimes in the past. I always demanded the truth and wanted the truth. But like you said Casey is nothing like most children she is empty.

    Boston do you think there will ever be a day that the Anthony’s will think past Casey and see only Caylee? Do you think they can save themselves and tell the truth ever? Why do you think they do not feel pure anger towards Casey?

    I think Casey killed Caylee so her Mother would never have her. Could Cindy ever face that?

  9. Jo-I think in order for Mr and Mrs Anthony to simply survive and embrace life without Caylee would be to surrender to the truth and accept it for what it is. It may never set them free but it will help them to cope with the reality that there was nothing they could have done or said which would have changed Casey. The argument they had with Casey on the evening of the 15 June only provided the opportunity that Casey so desparetly needed. The means she used were researched months ago and they were now becoming a reality. Motive was urged on by her “growing” (my quotes) sociopathy.

    When the law examines a crime of passion which this was, they look for means, motive and opportunity. Casey had all three. She primed her victims, Caylee, George and Cindy.
    I include Cindy and George because she took their lives metaphorically lets say. She took their hope and their dreams; she took their good name and their standing in the community; she robbed them of future happiness when she killed Caylee.

    Caylee was their opportunity to raise a child who could love them in return. Casey couldn’t. Lee was the only one she could never get to. Lee only took direction from Cindy. George taught Lee by example. Lee will always be the loyal brother but he will not hang Casey and he won’t allow her to hang him.

    There isn’t a day that goes by that they do not kneel and pray for Caylee. They loved her more than life itself.

    Will they be able to “feel pure anger towards Casey?”. Yes, when they stop blaming others and reflect on how impossible it was for anyone else to have been involved. After all, she had no real friends. No one she hung out with even knew the child was missing or gone. No one inquired about Caylee.

    Casey killed Caylee because she had to be the center of her own world. She couldn’t feel love, she had no intense feelings for anyone but herself. She had to get rid of the only person who could jeopardize her personal freedom. She was entitled to more and by the gods, she wasn’t going to let any “little snot head” get in her way.

    She will always feel that she was unjustly convicted and that no one looked out for her best interests. Her unspoken question to everyone she ever knew was “What can you do for me today.”

    She is a dangerous person. Jose knows how prejudicial it is to have the potential jury pool seeing his client in shackles and handcuffs. Laws have changned in many states and if possible the lawyer will ask that the deputies release their client from bondage if only to walk to the defense table and sit down. I’m sure he asked and the answer was an emphatic NO. They have a psychological profile completed after her arrest for neglect of a child. They know who she is.

  10. Thanks Boston. I pray the day the Anthony’s stand up and tell the truth for Caylee will come and come soon. I do not see any peace for them till they make a stand for Caylee and face the truth.

    I do appreciate your explaining the Anthony’s to me I have had such anger toward them the same as Casey. Now I feel more compassion towards the Anthony’s but still have the anger for Casey.

  11. Jo-I haven’t given a professional explanation but one that I think is reasonable and compassionate. When your heart aches for all that happened to Caylee say a prayer for her. When you think about all that the Anthony’s have done before and after this traumatic life event extend them your compassion and understanding. It doesn’t mean that we agree with what they have done only that we grieve for their loss.
    Asking “What if?” is an insult to the victim. Caylee is asking us all to answer the question, “Why me?” We owe it to her to answer her question in the sanctity of the courtroom where justice is served and the accused are punished.

    Our conversation was great. I wish you the very best.

  12. Asking what if, is my way of avoiding another law suit. Between Oprah, Obama, and Jackson, I have to whatifasize. One thing I have over all who think they will win a law suit, they can’t squeeze water out of a stone. I guess you can compare my what if’s to OJ’s book, What if I killed them. We all know he did it, so my what if definition is “guilty”.

  13. Jo, The Anthonys, their team of attorney’s, and their private detectives all knew but were advised to keep quiet. Meanwhile, Caylee is still not at peace. She is laying on a slab waiting for her justice. No one cares except for those who didn’t know the poor child. We care which shows you how much the family cares. Nada, ziltch, zero, bupkiss, they only care about themselves which is a shame.

  14. Bob, poor Caylee deserves so much more. It is shameful Casey left her in a trash bag now her grandparents leave her in a box! Dear God, I pray they the Anthony’s will save their souls and put this Angel Caylee to rest and tell the truth.

  15. Boston easy for you to speak about what a great guy o’bama is and belittle those of us that feel nothing but fear towards him. Fear is something you live when you see someone who you cannot understand and you feel cannot understand you. Maybe you have a job I don’t as of a month ago and this small town of three thousand has lost over a thousand jobs and I stand in lines applying for work daily. Not for a free ride a job. I have a husband who is disabled now and we live on his set income now. I am in my late fifty’s and worked like a dog all my life never had a free ride and don’t want one. I want a job till you are where we are right now you cannot talk about a bright day with this chosen one.

    I see a man that I fear because of as many reason as you have for loving him. These companies we have lost are all going to Mexico because they pay LESS TAXES and wages. I will be proud to pay more taxes for a job and receive less pay! Let companies come here and don’t tax them we (small town Americans) will pay even more taxes to have them. Get it we are afraid have you ever been where we are? We worked all our lives and worked hard work in Nuclear, Coal Power and Steam Power construction. That was until the day my husband had a valve to blow out in his heart and had to have a metal valve put in. This left my husband in very bad shape. Then we moved back to the town we where raised in and are watching that town die. It is clear the companies here are leaving because of taxes and who wants to tax companies more?

    My family have all been a miltary family my husband was in Nam. We love this country so much we are a proud family no one in my family has had a hand out by any government program we are workers. My husband has an engineering degree but I have years of office work and only high school eduction. He cannot work and I can but where? I have tried to go back to construction and they are at a stand still no nuclear and no coal power wanted by our new president yet we have been in the blue since the 80’s. Never in all my life time have I been this scared and this down you cannot understand what this is like. I am sure my spelling or how I am expressing my self is wrong and I am sorry. I do not know if you where speaking to me in your blog but if you where this doesn’t start to cover why we feel what we do. I pray you are right about this man but what we see isn’t what you see in him.

  16. Bob and Jo-I took offense at the Blog with a reference to the Wizard which is a throwback to language used by the KKK in the deep South. Review what I wrote in response. I talk about responsibility and sensitivity. Read it again.

  17. I am not degrading anyone, just obseriving the obvious. I would love to be in the same room as Obama. I would love to ask him the real questions and have him answer without the use of scripts. I fear no man, woman, or child and only hate what is wrong.

  18. You can’t even articulate anything that is “wrong”. You haven’t got a cogent idea in your head yet you think you could ask the essential questions? What “real” questions would you ask?

    You wait in anxious anticipation for only the negative, only mistakes and never look to the process of governing. You can’t wait to say “gotcha”. What motivates this kind of thinking? I’ve got a few ideas.

    You can’t edit your own work, are too lazy to correct your own spelling, can see the past, present and future and have published a dozen books that are “out there somewhere”.

    It all sounds so downright goofy to me.

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