The Empty Room

The room is empty but so large with one big bay window facing the street. She just moved in to this house she purchased with hard work and accomplishment. She seemed to have it all but still, has nothing at all. There is a chair in the middle of the room. She sits in this chair wondering who she can call. She stares at her cell phone for a while but, as usual there is no one.

I sit in numbness watching the world pass me by through the window that cannot be opened. I am sealed in my own environment which I, myself created. My arms glued to my side, my eyes opened wide, my body stunned as I sit motionless. I wait for something to free me from my isolation but it never comes. What is a matter of minutes seems like a lifetime, what is my life seems like an eternity.

She read somewhere that for every woman is a partner, a perfect match to grow and expand, a partnership that can be stopped by nothing. A partnership that can soar without wings, and feel love like no other can feel.

I sit still waiting for something special to happen to me. When will it be my turn? I have time, there is plenty of that so I wait as I wonder when, when will this all come together for me.

She waits as she ages as pages fly off the old dusty calendar hanging on the wall. No one is coming, there is nothing left for her but still she waits in her own puddle created by her own tears over time. As dawn arrives, a small stream of light focusing on her faded painted toes creates an illusion of her own reality.

No more do I wait, No more, I say as I struggle to stand on my own. My toes look so dreary; I think I am going to paint them, refreshing my life, starting over. I wait for no one, and I wait no more. I am and now I know what I must do. I live, I am in need of nothing, I am in need of no one, I am.

She breaks free from the chair and takes it by the legs, raises it high up in the air and smashes it on the floor. She storms towards the window and like a mime she slams her fists against it for all to see. She then looks at the door; she hesitates but slowly reaches for the handle. She turns the knob slowly frightened what is out there but she does it, she opens that door and steps outside, the first step in her own independence.

I wait no more; I am alive, living life as I should. I know now, if anything will happen, I indeed have to make it happen. I wasted so many years waiting, and my would have, could have, should have mentality, is no more, for now, I am, for now, I am.


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