Obama~Sleeping with the Enemy

They have been bashing Bush for the whole eight years he has protected me from harms way. Obama seems to have bought many things and is now ready to take the Whitehouse by storm. Yes, Obama bought votes, the media, as well as a stage set in the name of “The President Elect.” Yet he claims there can only be one President at a time. I think he means himself when he says this time after time.

To be presidential takes class, eloquence and certain social skills. Obama takes his store bought podium and is telling the world how weak and vulnerable we are right now. He has made more State of the Union address then the last three presidents combined but every time, he tells the enemy just how down we are. Is he doing this on purpose? What ever happened to boosting morale? Obama seems to think by telling the American people we are in trouble and there is no hope, the opposite of how he won the election, he is doing more good then harm. Id he giving the enemies of America signals? Was Joe Biden giving a secret message to someone when he said, “Obama will be challenged soon after he gets into office? As if to say, “Ok, come on down.”

Osama Bin Laden’s last vow was to hit us financially Is Obama giving him the heads up every time he buys air time? When I was younger, I worked for a tyrant who seemed to think, by holding special meetings every week, without fail, it would be good for the company. He thought it was good for the company to tell the staff we were worthless and were lucky to be working at all. He would tell us we would never be able to find a job because we were stupid. I walked over to the man after one of the meetings and told him just where he would put it. As I was walking out, he said, “You’re not going anywhere, no one else will hire you.” I kept walking because my integrity was worth more then that to me. He thought by keeping us in a state of worthlessness his company would thrive. By the way, I took with me my knowledge. I knew every aspect of the company including the finances and started my own publishing company, where that company stands right now I couldn’t tell you because I never looked back. Obama is doing the same thing. He thinks by telling the world how worthless we are he is doing us a favor. Obama seems to think, like that old boss of mine, that he is the only person worth a dime. Mr. Obama, I am worth a dime, and you already bought the election, so try reading something on Presidential etiquette before you take over the presidency. This weeks secret message to our enemy’s are, “We have a failing economy, we are at are weakest, and we are vulnerable to attacks now.” Ok Obama, the enemy reads you loud and clear.


2 thoughts on “Obama~Sleeping with the Enemy

  1. Obama and the media are making this financial crisis worse with their fear mongering. Have we forgotten the recession President Carter left us with?

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