Barack in a Box

Never before has a politician been this arrogant that he cannot wait for the inaugural swearing in to become the actual president. After the November, 08 elections, Barack Hussein Obama was arrogant enough to spend a lot of money on a stage. On this stage there is a podium that has a plaque, and on this plaque reads, “The office of the President Elect.” This alone would seem like someone who couldn’t wait to get started but was that the idea, not quite. he is only trying to outshine Bush.

Being aggressive during campaign wins the pie but being arrogant enough to disrespect the current President is totally uncalled for because all it does is undermine the current commander and chief.

To be as bold as to have a state of the union address every other day is one thing. To tell Americans they the country is broken is another. Mr. Obama seems to think by facing the nation and repeatedly telling us how we are in the dumps and his wife telling us that the soul of America is broken is just another way to keep us down or at least kick us when we are so down. What ever happened to boosting the team spirit of America?

Obama Looks so presidential in his store bought office but what he seems to forget is that he is not yet president and as he once said himself, there can only be one, unless he meant himself. This would be the equivalent of showing up to work one month before they actually hire you. What gives Mr. Obama? I personally am sick of you taking over the air waves. Maybe it’s an agenda. Maybe Obama is telling the world that America is ready for attack once again. To broadcast to the world almost everyday is telling the enemy we are weak. Treasonous, perhaps, stupid, most definitely. Maybe thats how it is done in tanted Chicago politics, but in the rest of the world, we like to show our pride, oops, forgot, Obama don’t think America is proud anymore, we are broken remember?

Obama went from lighting a fire under the cool aid drinkers to motivate them to shaming the whole country in front of the world.

The media that won this election is now calling him the President which is just another way to slap Bush in the face which most of the media news is good at doing. I can see what his plans are for this country and all I can say is, in for years, Obama is going to make George W. look like George Washington. One can only hope, Obama doesn’t give away too many of our secrets, with his blackberry use insistence or his showing the world where our vulnerabilities are or is this his plan? January 20th Mr. Obama, January 20th you become the President of the United States, as for right now, you are just another wanna be. Mr. Obama, your arrogance is unbecoming. Just as Illinois Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich doesn’t want to leave, you are doing the opposite so tell me, what is the difference? You keep saying there can only be one president at a time, I guess you think that is you. I can’t wait until you really start your job. I do not want Obama to fail because if he fails we all fail. I only hope his double talk stops when he gets in the real office.

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