Casey Anthony~Sitting Pretty

Casey Anthony doesn’t want anything to do with her upcoming trial. It is a bother for her and how dare the system disrupt her life over a little thing like murder. Her dream team will try everything in their power to see she gets the lightest sentence possible, or is they can no sentence at all. So far they think they have only circumstantial evidence despite the evidence found in the trunk of her car.

Casey wants her life back. She feels as if the rug has been pulled out from under her, no, not the life she had as a mother, that was just a fad, her real life of the parting nightlife girl who was enjoying the center of attention. God, you kill one kid and they are all over you.

She didn’t want top go to court today because in her cell she can listen to music and eat all the snacks she wants to. The music is not for enjoyment but for Casey to keep up with the latest trends so she once again can return to her life as it was post Caylee. The judge made the lawyers fetch her and drag her away from her prison cell. Crap, she was here two years, don’t my 22 years account for anything? Cry, yeah, I will let them see me cry for locking me up.

Last but not least, the lawyers for Casey are pulling out no stops here. It is the razzle dazzle express all the way but when will it be time for them to answer for their trickery. They are accused of many things. They knew where the body was and they also knew that little Caylee was dead. I am sure that a little bird flew into their window and told them. Casey told them and their little circus began.

I am going on record and blaming all allegedly involved. Casey first and foremost for killing a child what ever the method was accidental or otherwise. I want to add that the lawyers knew about the death early on and although they are bound by attorney client privilege, they should have never tried to cover up the mess Casey made for herself. I want Casey’s mother and father to stop standing up for a murderer and tell what they know, like mom and dad, like daughter. Then their is Roy Kronk, the man who found the remains three times because he was told to do so three times. He knew just where to look and why is this so? Kronk was told by Caseys people what to do and he was just following orders. The detectives hired by the Anthony family are videotaping the area long before the authorities found the remains. Did you ever ask yourself why the Anthony’s asked for immunity, because they already knew what was going on.

I would protect any member in my family no matter what but if it came down to murder, I would want to do the right thing no matter what. No one in this case is doing the right thing and I guess that is what justice has come down to. Oh this Caterino guy is all over me, why don’t him and all the others just leave me alone, he didn’t know Caylee and what a burden she was on my club life. Look at me, I am so pretty and no one will ever convict me plus, I want to party, I miss it so much.


5 thoughts on “Casey Anthony~Sitting Pretty

  1. Her partying days are over. So is her life.
    She knows it that is why she cries in court.
    With a bit of luck she will die an agonizing death from a botched execution, or at least get shanked in jail.
    She is a deceitful,lying,selfish skank that is about to get her just desserts. As ye sow, so shall ye reap.

  2. Great post. Yes, she is in her own world. The act of murder as we see it is so much different thru Casey’s eyes. Just the fact that she did this crime and then didn’t report it, I think she thought that if her mom never came and got her like she did, she literally could keep stringing people along. Did she view Caylee as human? She didn’t view her like a mother views a child. Ending her daughter’s life and moving on was as easy for her as it would be for you or I to throw out an old stack of newspapers. They were in the way, now they are not. It’s so hard, being a normal person, to try and understand how a person could not find value in this child’s life. No matter what sentence she gets, she’ll always be messed up. She’ll never see this situation like we see it. I think we all want her to realize what she’s done and feel the pain we feel, but I don’t think she ever will. Maybe when she meets her Maker then she’ll finally see. For now, nothing but an empty shell.

  3. In a nutshell, Casey Anthony is a spoiled, pampered little brat….and it’s obvious that Casey loves Casey.

    Pleeeeeease let the prosecutors have what they need to convict this sorry excuse of a mother.

  4. I have a bad feeling here Patti. I think she is going to OJ herself out of this. Her mom and dad know what happened as well as the lawyers. She was told not to tell anything. The only thing missing was thelow speed chase, oh wait, she did that with the police in the car. Patti, thanks for the comment, it means a lot to me.

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