Change, Yes we Can, and Other Obama~isms

The change, that’s what won the most paid for election in 2008, the change, which some of us seem to remember on a political button during the Nixon administration. Obama seems to preach more change then a Vegas showgirl does in her act although I haven’t seen any change except for what I have in my pockets.

Does hiring on the Clinton administration show us change? Does a meeting with all the living ex presidents show us change? Does, spending more then we have show us the change we need? Does self righteousness, arrogance, and being a self proclaimed, pampas ass bring the change we need? No because it has all been done before and there is nothing new being offered even if Oprah says so.

Blinded by the light from the big store bought halo on top of Obama’s head doesn’t bring change but only seems to hypnotize followers into believing hope is waiting for them. “Yes, we can, yes we can, yes we can, yes we can fool some of the people some of the time because their IQ’s are not up to snuff. Yes we can, place ourselves on coins that are not real currency in this country; yes we can look presidential by buying the look. Can Americans survive another four years of spending sprees, losing wars, and looking foolish, no we can’t.

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