(D)emocratic (C)ircus~Watch them Juggle our lives

What would a democrat be without their pandemonium, nonsense, and rhetoric? It is comparable to ten thousand bees living in your head, for four years. A democrat wouldn’t be happy unless they are causing panic in the streets, or within their own party, like an empty room filled with thousands of wind up toys. Half of the democrats take Americans right hand and the other half of the democrats take the left and they start to pull, like taffy, that’s it, were taffy.

When a republican is in office, any republican, any office, you know where they stand, the politics are very clear. When a democrat takes office, any office, something happens but we don’t know what. They wave their hands and scream out nonsense, as long as they look like they’re doing something great.

We blame Bush for war, the economy, the weather and everything else that goes wrong with out lives but in reality, it is all a smoke screen for the larger picture and the fact is, we stayed safe for the last seven and a half years.

Now let’s take a closer look through all the smoke and see what is going on. We have three democrats in prison for stealing, we have one on the way to the big house for trying to have a yard sale, and a bunch of them are even being accused of having too much hand in the stock market failures.

The democrats will tell you what this country needs but the fact is if we were in a utopian state, they would still tell you that there is something wrong because that’s what they do. So, let’s ask these politicians what we need, what do we really need to get the economy flying again. Their answer is wonderful; they will tell you that we need to stop government spending which would be great if they weren’t spending seventy five billion to prove it. The thing I love about the democrats is that they can be so magical. They can look you in the eye and tell you they can fix what is wrong while they pick your pocket.

As Americans, when a democrat gets ready for the opening night, all we can do is sit back and watch the show. Like any three ring circus, we can have fun even though there is a lot to take in. If its, mile long gas lines, or walking home in the dark due to the daylight savings time stoppage, you want, watch the Carter ring, If it is something more steamy for the adult taste, then it is the Clinton clan for you, or maybe you like tennis as we remember David Dinkins. Yes, the most important thing on Mr. Dinkins mind was to redirect the airspace over the tennis games in Forest Park, Queens. Maybe it is comedy that you crave, sorry, we couldn’t get that funny guy, all we can get on such short notice is Al Franken and remember, no refunds, but keep an opened mind, you might laugh. Remember Mario Cuomo? Ok, I am so sorry for bringing that up. Now what circus would be complete without the clowns? Michael Stanley Dukakis I don’t need to go any further but I will. Dukakis, sounds like Yiddish for taking a dump. He was the only politician that could hypnotize himself right on stage, see the man sleep right in front of your eyes, yes friends, he is Mr. Excitement. Let’s not forget about Gore, you remember Gore, the one that invented such things as the internet and global warming? So, as the lights in the theater dim, and the spot lights circle the stage, lets all quiet down now for the ring master, the holy one, the one and only, Oprah’s answer for a question we never asked, your next president and the guy with change, change for a buck, here he is, Barack Obama, the eight wonder of the world, now let the circus begin as we watch the first trillion disappear, Wow, its like magic, like the second coming, because Oprah said so, now, was it skinny Oprah or Fat Oprah?

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