Politicians Grant Themselves a Raise as Poverty Rises

We rang out the old and are ready to ring in the new. 2009, is going to be a great year for all. I personally will work on my self image and other resolutions I made for myself. I am sure the economy will be great as long as the doom seekers in the media stop telling us it won’t.

So, the congress, and judges are giving themselves a raise. I wonder if this is a good move while so many are out of work. I wonder if they will deny themselves that raise, knowing that we are watching so closely. They will grant that raise to themselves because the elections are over. These politicians don’t care; they separate their raise from anything else going on in the world and really think they work that hard for us and deserve it.

I certainly hope Santa treated you all well, the New year was a blast, and that politicians remember who they work for, because if it was up to me, they would all be fired in a New York minute.

Stay safe all and when all else fails, blame it on the Bushes.

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