Divine Justice~Good for God

97 percent of all men, women, and children know of Jesus Christ’s story. It is no longer about faith, or even believing if the stories are real, true, or believable for them, it is all about the message.

Many mothers and fathers are leaving it up to their children to decide what to believe in so they stop teaching, preaching and the bibles are placed on a shelf as a status symbol. To own a bible is not enough, to read it is not enough, to understand it is not enough, but to know why it is there is all the blessing you can hope for. The stories in the bible no matter what version you choose are there as guidance and was never intended to be taken literally but to be interpreted by each one of us.

The bible tells tales of another time, a time without modern convenience, a time where choices were fewer. The stories are meant to be read, then digested, then pondered, and finally interpreted in a way that only the mind of the individual reader can. One man cannot tell another what the bible stories mean because it is too personal to be confined to one set of ideals.

When Jesus was taken, placed on the cross, so many in modern times see it as a cruel way to die and it is. Back in the time, that was the way. To hang on a cross as passers look upon you as bad people for what you have done but what many do not know, is that the masses were tied to the cross, Jesus was not. The nails were symbols of mans own weaknesses. Man was so afraid of what Jesus might do that they were not taking any chances. In there mindset, that was insurance. We must take that for what it was for the time. We always think of it as Jesus dying for our sins but to bring it more into focus, he placed his life before anyone else’s. In modern time it would be like taking a bullet for someone you love, like running into a burning building to save someone you never met, or to push a stranger out of the way of a moving bus only to place yourself in harms way. Jesus believed in a better place therefore he knew by suffering and dying he would be sending a strong message to the masses.

Now we are at a time in life that mirrors those days of old. We have no hero’s to push us out of the way of that moving bus, or run to help us get out of that burning building, we only have a reminder of what one man did so many years ago. He reminds us to put others first, to help where we can, and no matter how little we can help, it is something. To think that a single man’s memory can stay with so many over such a long period of time should be amazing to you if not anything else. For those who think it is hogwash, think about that part of it.

We seem to be blaming God for everything. When does the Devil get some of the blame? Here is some of the difference so next time you wont jump to conclusions. Floods, that’s a good one to start with. God created one flood, all the rest is just the course of nature. God can be blamed for birth, some death, when he needs someone special. God can be blamed for a darn good idea you know, like the one you came up with just the other day. You can also blame God for, happiness, sweet smells, and everyone who has a good heart. Ok, devil, your turn. The devil can be blamed for death, when it is at the hand of another, fire, all kinds, and hatred in fellow humans, and many accidents on our roads. Now remembering the third kind of evil as well as good is created by man, like pollution, oil spills, divorce and blogging. It can be quite complicated at times for humans to understand. When a child dies, we tend to blame god, if it is God who has taken that child he had a good reason, but in most cases, it wasn’t the work of God.

Here are some of the things we need to stop doing in the name of God. We need to stop asking, “Why me, why did they need to die so young, and the ever so popular, Jesus Christ, when we hit our finger with a hammer. God don’t want to hear it. The more we do it, the stronger the devil gets as he laughs in our face.

In the name of God, so many are confused. People die all the time, our rivers burn, babies fall from windows, and we ask God why. God is not the cause of mans own doing and it is time for mankind to take responsibility for his actions. To blame is easier then to own up to our mistakes. We build dams and they break, we make choices, and when those choices are not the right ones and we tend to blame God.

We have so many self righteous people walking around trying to force God down our throat no matter how much you believe. If you think of God in a different way then they think you should, you are wrong in their minds. This is BS. Preaching in the name of the Lord isn’t about God, it is about bucks. I think it is wrong to tell someone that they need to donate and how much they need to donate. If we all stop donating to these houses in the name of God, they will go away, cease to exist, but you know what? God will still be on 97 percent of everyone’s mind.

When people believe that harming a fellow man is in the name of the lord, then the devil has done his job. When a person spreads good around, helping others whenever they can, that my friends if God doing his job. And let no man tell you when, where, or how to believe for they are just men.


2 thoughts on “Divine Justice~Good for God

  1. God controls everything. He allows things to happen for his divine reasoning. I have to disagree with you when you said that preaching is about money. If I go to church and get a message from God through the preacher then that is between me and the Lord. If the Lord then leads me to give back to Him what He has given me, then I do. I don’t let the ‘message’ that you and so many others who don’t understand tithes interrupt my relationship with God. I don’t look at my tithes and offerings as a gift to the church or to the preacher for doing a great job preaching, rather I am giving to my God as He has asked me to. He blesses me back three fold every single time. So I hope that you understand why a ‘Christian’ gives money…It isn’t for anyone other than themselves and the Lord. Anyone else that thinks they are involved would be wrong, in my case anyway.

  2. You are so right, but you must admit that there are a lot of Preachers out their with hands in pockets. Not all but some. Yes, if someone gets a good message and feels good about church, they don’t need to offer what they don’t have. What you give should not be told to you , you should be able to give what you feel is right.

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