Gastric Bypass ~Tools for the Lazy

Let’s face reality here; gastric bypass surgery is not a last resort for the obese that tried everything they could, if they did, they would not even think of having this needless surgery. I might be going out on a limb here but that’s what I do every day of my life. I hold no punches, and if you are so sensitive then see a shrink.

I have been seeing more and more morbidly obese males and females, stuck in their beds needing the fire department to save them. Who is feeding these uncontrollable people so much that they get to a thousand pounds plus? If you eat right, do daily exercise and stop obsessing on your oral fixation, you will lose weight.

Here is an easy experiment you can try. Sit somewhere in any mall. Watch people as they pass you. I will tell you that you will see all kinds pass you but, out of one hundred percent of the people passing you by, I will tell you right now, you will see people two hundred pounds or less pass you holding shopping bags, and two hundred pounds or more holding some form of fattening foods as they walk by you, pretzels, iced cream, donuts. They are people that don’t care about how they look or feel. These same people will gain weight until they can’t even walk any more then ask loved ones to feed their uncontrollable feeding frenzies.

America is at the age of the easy way out and I personally am tired of it. Try going to a food store and watch all the “big boned” people who are riding around in their rascals that the store supplies to handicaps. If these people were concerned about losing the weight, they would walk through the stores like the rest of us. All of these riders are not fat, some have a bona fide reason for needing these special buggies to get around, but for the fatty that is just lazy, and shame on you.

Some will tell you that they get winded if they walk ten feet. I say, walk five feet then turn back and go in the house. Do this every day and after a week you will increase it to ten feet. After a few months you will be losing the weight and walking more and more. Now, you don’t have to diet, just eat normal portions. If you eat your fast food, don’t eat seventeen hamburgers, eat one, even two. My god people, if you don’t even try, why would you even think of getting cut up, it is unnatural. You can try and tell others that you have tried, and you don’t eat that much but still you weight a thousand pounds but this guy just aint buying it. You are lazy and I am just calling it as I see it. If you have a problem with any of what I just said, then feel free to argue with me. I ask only a few rules, don’t lie, don’t hide the true amount of food you intake, and don’t hand me any of your BS.


3 thoughts on “Gastric Bypass ~Tools for the Lazy

  1. Sometimes I eat to comfort myself. I am not morbidly obese, but my BMI is very high. I have made a plan and now have to work the plan. I over eat and I am aware of it. This post makes me sad.

  2. I know, it sounds angry after reading it again. Don’t be sad sweetie, i am five nine and weigh now a whopping three hundred pounds. I eat and eat a lot. I also walk three dogs three miles a day, and try to stay active but, I also know that I need to try harder and would never go to have my guts cut out. C, you are ok, don’t be sad, you are not one of the lazy ones.

  3. LOL well thank you…I feel lazy sometimes. That is for sure. I am 100 pounds overweight for my height, but I am going to do something about it. I lose and gain, it is a cycle for me.

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