That Tree Grew in Brooklyn

The other day, I was strolling through Brooklyn, well; actually I was jogging, very fast, ok, being chased down by a few thugs. It was my entire fault, I saw them playing on the tree that grows in Brooklyn. You kjnow that one tree they have? They were climbing on it and I knew the precious branch’s were going to brake if I didn’t do something right away. I walked over to them and explained that the tree they were climbing on was one of the last trees growing within several miles, I was being kind, after all it was New York. They decided I was right. They then decided to climb on me instead. I shook them off and started to walk away. They followed me. I walked a little faster, and they walked a little faster. Soon we were going what looked like a thousand miles an hour, but with the traffic at a stand still who knows, maybe it was more like 5 miles an hour. I managed to ditch them being an old city boy myself and ran into the subway. I jumped on the train seconds before the door closed and I was now safe from those six year olds. I look up and saw another angry mob walking towards me, surrounding me. “Oh no,” I thought, “What was I going to do now?” I added as my knees started to shake. Closer, then closer yet they came towards me. This is a tough place. Never let anyone else tell you any different. Those folks, although heading back to the old aged home just wanted to see what a person half their age looked like close up.

One thought on “That Tree Grew in Brooklyn

  1. Being one of those ancients close to being sent to the glue factory, Yes we really do look at people half our age and wonder which way civilization is going and how we could have failed you younger folks so badly. Visit me at and read “Claus and the Consultant,” and get some holiday laughs.

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