Obama~Pitchforks and Halo’s

If it looks like a duck, acts like a duck, quacks like a duck, then is most likely is a duck, right? Chicago has always been notorious for their mob ties’s and corrupt politicians. One man did raise above all the mess that is going on in Illinois and that would be President elect Obama.

Obama seems to be wearing his self administered halo many times during his short time in public office. His halo is so bright; it shines for miles blinding everything that gets in his path to glory. When asked about his ties to a radical group, his radiance blinded, when asked about his twenty year ties to a radical preacher, his circle of light blinded again. This man is so good, he doesn’t need to show us where he was born. He might not want to show us that he was born in a manger under the north star. Now we have a governor that is in a heap of trouble and once again, Obama was the only politician that rose above it all smelling like a rose and need I remind you, poison ivy also smells like a rose but anything that touches it will be blessed with dilemma.

Oh blinding light, oh light that blinds, how can we see? Obama drama is always in our mitts but it is a miracle that he floats just enough to smile and shake his head. It is all about distance and denial, smoke and mirrors, talking the talk written by some guy sitting in a Starbucks sipping on an over priced cup of decaf.

Redemption is so close; the Obama followers can taste it. They follow this self proclaimed messiah in which he will neither affirm nor deny. If this duck, or politician, quacks like a duck, or talks like a politician, then why are so many hypnotized by his charm? This answer is simple, volume. There is and always has been so much drama surrounding this man and we all know any other politician would have been tossed to the wayside by now. His old stomping ground is the key. He learned to shuck and jive with the best of them and knows what many need to hear, or at least his writers do.

If indeed Obama is the true Messiah as many proclaim then the miracles we seek should start mid January when he becomes our fearless leader along with his Clinton administration he so carefully hand picked. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Clause and he starts his new job in January of 2009. He will pay off everyone’s mortgage; rid the world of hunger, and anything else he promised to do when he has the power. One thing he doesn’t understand and never will for that matter. When you assume the responsibilities of a messiah, you better be ready to throw yourself fully into the roll and be prepared my holier then thou politician to be hung up for all to see if and when you fail. The true Jesus died for so many who believed in him and Obama, you are not Jesus but a wannabe. I guess we all forgot about the false idol chapter of the bible.

Obama, some might bash me for writing this but time will tell who is right. I realize that you are only a man; a man that says’s things others need to hear. You bashed your commander and chief for things he has done so be ready to fill his shoes and be the bashed. One more thing, you can return your halo to wall Mart because I am not buying that concept for one second.

I find it amazing that by calling Obama a normal everyday, run of the mill, nothing special, business as usual polition, I am called a racist. When he started his crusade, he considered a massiah by so many. I wonder how they feel now with every passing day, making him look more normal, human, and political, what you think now? When I look at Obama, yes, I see history in the fact that a black man will finally get what has been long overdue for. I also see, a man that says what he thinks we need to hear, a man that tells white lies, no pun intended, and I see a politician, nothing more, nothing less. This is not the mind of a racist, but the mind of someone that had a grip on reality. Obama will not pay my bills for me, he will not buy me a house, he will not find me a job. He is a part of a machine that thinks we are mindless people. This is fact and I am sitting her watching it all unfold before your very eyes. Wow, gas is down to a buck forty where I live, I blame Bush for that, that dirty no good rat. Where is my shoes?

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