Obama and Other American Fairy Tales

When did we lose control of the politicians? When did they decide that they can run a muck like girls gone wild on acid? I work, I spend, and I go home to my family. Nothing changed but yet these insane, power tripping leaches decide to cause a panic and for what?

I went to the mall, it is a huge mall and their was a waiting period for a parking space, the time was one hour before I could park, but yet, we are told that no one is spending. I am starting to believe that half of all Americans do not think for themselves anymore.

The reports say, we are down in sales five percent this year from last year. I looked into this and found out, we are not down in sales by five percent but we are only down by point five percent, and that’s a huge difference. I am starting to smell agenda, even conspiracy.

I knew the media proved how bias they could be but could they be covering their butts? If Obama fails in his first term in office, the media will need to eat a lot of crow, yes even the vegetarians. What is happening here is, we are being told that things are worse then they are so after the newbie gets sworn in he will look good no matter what he does.

Gas has fallen to a six year low, and Bush isn’t getting any of the credit for anything that goes well in this country and this I also blame on the media.

A few years back, I worked for a publisher and needed to head over to New York City to meet with clients. I was in the World Trade Center three or four times a week but I happened to get fired one or two weeks before the tragedy on 911. I thanked my boss which left him speechless and started my own publishing company. This has nothing to do with the media, but it has something to do with Bush. 911 happened during a transition period but Bush kept me safe for the next eight years. Is Obama going to keep me safe with talks about disbanding the Marines? Is Joe Biden going to let his loose lips sink more ships in this country? I have a lot of questions that our fine media doesn’t wish to follow up on because their on the Obama Drama train to the promise land. Arrogance will not take me to any promise land. Never in history did any president ask to start being commander and chief early. “Oh the man looks so presidential now doesn’t he.” Sure he does, he pays for a special office, “The office of the President Elect.” Barney Frank sears by Obama and all I can get out of the Frankenstein is that he reminds me of the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz. Obama picks a Clinton Administration, are these some of the new idea’s we can look forward to? Is Obama really the only politician in Chicago that was never corrupt?

I hate censorship and it does come in many shapes and forms. For the media to stifle any bad things about the President Elect and only show the good he could bring is wrong.

A true politician doesn’t care what anyone says about them, they worry about their job. A revolution has been trying to get off the ground since the 1960’s and I think these next four years will cause that to finally happen.

It is in the democrat’s nature to cause confusion, like a magician who wants to use slight of hand. I beg you, do not listen to what these people say, but watch what they do. Obama said, “I will create 2,000,000 jobs in my first term.” Ok, that is a very good thing, but now if you listen, he changes create, to save. What was once a savior for so many is slowly but surely becoming a politics as usual guy who lets Oprah announce him for the first time using a phoney Preacher voice. (Funny, when Oprah is with a real African American, she has a southern twang, when she is with a white person, she is white on rice and when she announces Obama as if he is Jesus, she used her Preacher voice. Opie Windbag, you can slow down the sales of all my books but you can’t shut the truth up.)

Think about this, when a governor is indicted on charges, and the president elect needs to probe into the situation to clear himself, why not use a private firm, why are we letting the finger pointee look into it himself? T me it sounds like O.J. hiring a detective to look for the real killer. Obama won’t talk about things that interest us and is important to clear up as if it is none of our business. When you become the President, all of it is our business. Mr. Obama, lets clear one thing up right now. You work for us so that trillion you are thinking of spending as soon as you are sworn in will ruin America for good, or was that your plan all along?

In bed with domestic terrorists, lying about smoking, going to listen to a preacher preach against America but denying it later, Raising the taxes when he promised not to, saying yes to abortion then no in the same week, so what gives? Osama Bin Laden said, “The next attack on America will be financial. Mr. Obama, is it your plan to comply, or will you deny ever hearing about a man named Osama Bin Laden?

To me, cutting unnecessary spending in government is good, so how do we combat that, we spend a trillion right out of the starting gate. We are handing out money to big business like it was candy. I may only have an IQ of 142 but it would make more since to help the little guy. If you give every American citizen four thousand dollars, that every man woman and child living legally in the United States, that would come out to a trillion dollars. To me that would stimulate the economy. By giving banks, auto makers, and Wall Street money left and right, and not knowing where it went, that’s just a crime, a financial crime, financial terrorism.

One thought on “Obama and Other American Fairy Tales

  1. I know this sounds like me ranting, but I can’t believe in a false god. Obama has a huge cult following. If you look at it, he won’t have any bad press against him. All is fail in love war and politics. I give him one month before we all head for the hills.

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