Life Happens Until Big Brother Steps in

The times are changing as we are all well aware of. I only ask when did the government decide it was time to be in every part of our business. When government learns to take care of their own back yard then I might agree that it is time to step in. Sometimes I think, they think, we don’t think for ourselves.

When we fail at something, we find something else to do. The government doesn’t think this way. Over a million small businesses heads to bankruptcy court every day, so who decides when it is time to step in?

The auto makers claim to be in dyer straights. If a homeless man walks down the street, he walks alone. Many people will go out of their way to avoid him at all costs. Take that same homeless man and have a lot of money sticking out of his pockets and watch those same people see if they can help him. This is where the auto makers come in. The big three were not in bad shape until the government started handing out billions. Now all of the sudden, they are at the poor house knocking on the door for a handout.

Why did Bush decide to hand over billions to these leaches? If they claim to be on desperations doorstep, and no one is buying there offered products, then what will change in three months. Let them go bankrupt. This will make them rethink and start a new. Stop making the taxpayer pay for everyone’s failures. We pay enough for the auto we drive. I actually own a Dodge and see a lot of American cars on the road, If we keep going in the free money direction, we all will lose. Good money after bad is just not the answer.

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