Shoe Flies, Don’t Bother Me (Bush Bushwhacked)

In the Middle East, to show the bottom of ones shoe is like an American flipping the bird at a fellow American.  President Bush was in the Middle East giving a speech when a man did just that, he flung a shoe missing Bush by inches.  To add insult to injury, a few seconds later and another shoe flew by and the President ducked and covered.  Keeping in mind, where the President was at the time of the flying shoe show, they could have very well have been bombs.  Where were the secret service agents for the second shoe toss?  I do believe that they were in the corner laughing their heads off. 


In America, we consider shoe tossing old school.  Many mothers back in the day tossed a mean shoe.  My mother could toss a shoe and hit her mark at fifty yards, and heck, she could even make a shoe turn a corner.  Shoe tossing was popular only after wooden spoon whacking was out dated back in the early sixties along with the belt.  Yes, when I saw that shoe wailing through the air, I laughed along with hundreds of other Americans and I could have sworn I saw a snicker come out of the corner of Bushes mouth as well.


The Man threw his shoes out of disgust for Bush, the war, and what we did to his country.  What he is not seeing is the whole picture here.  Doesn’t that man realize that if he would have done it in the past, a time before democracy ripped through his country, he would have been killed for his actions?  It could have been worse, the shoes could have had doggie duty on them, and that would have caused a bigger stink.  I can’t wait until yo mamma jokes hit the Middle East, because trust me, they don’t know what an insult is.  Knock, knock, who’s there, ayatollah, ayatollah who? Ayatollah you once, ayatollah you twice, stop throwing those shoes.


If I were Bush, I would have caught those shoes.  I am sure they were expensive and could have easily been sold to help the pending bail out dusure.  I wonder if that guy who threw the shoe was boiled in oil, probably not, with oil being as high as it is.  Will this be the newest trend?  Like everything else what was once old becomes new again.

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