Caterino~What does he write?

This is for those who dare to wonder. I have been writing for many years now. I wrote a little book, a comedy about the mob. I grew up with some of Newark, New Jersey’s most infamous mobster’s children in the day and lived to talk about it. These thugs were not laughing. The book is called “Growing ^UP^ Goomba.” The book would lead to government wiretaps and shortly after, a bust. Although using humor to tell my story, most of these gangsters were locked up shortly after as seen on an HBO special a few years back. Growing ^UP^ Goomba can be found on the web as an e-book or a paperback.

My second comedy is called, “Son of Godfather” which won some awards and also can be googled somewhere. I also have written a few thrillers. “The Other Side of Fear” and “the Last Serial Killer”. Some of my other books like “The Junk in my Trunk, a short story and poetry compilation, and “Sara” a book about sex and violence still sell well. “The Mafia’s Guide for Dummies” a compilation of mafia tales can also me found along with some books I have written under other names like, “lip Graffiti” a book of rap poetry written by a fake rap star named Cyndee Brown.

I have two more in the works, The first is called, “The White House Mafia, and the second Kelli 2X, both insure thrilling action and much blood. I hope this explains some of my work to you, the rest you will need to google, or dogpile. We shall talk more later, if you want.

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