Caylee Anthony~Tears for Innocence

Caylee and Casey AnthonyCaylee Anthony, a three year old child who was reported missing a month after she was allegedly abducted by a baby sitter as the mother is sitting in a jail cell awaiting trial next March for murder.

Casey Anthony, better known as “The Tot Mom,” maintains her innocents as a utility man finds the remains of a small Childs skeleton in a plastic bag behind Casey Anthony’s parent’s home in Orlando Florida.

The area where the body was found had been searched three times before.  I think coincidence is not in play here.  Why would this evidence miraculously appear in a place so close to the home and why isn’t the utility man being questioned?  My question is, would a body found dead after only six months preserved in plastic, be skeletal state already?

If the tot mom is indeed innocent, then why won’t she give a statement once and for all and be done with it?  Why is she not speaking and when she does, she speaks in secret or in riddles?

In my opinion:   Mommy dearest found some new friends to hang out with.  A child was not going to stop her from having her fun time.  She discovers a new toy called chloroform.  She would place a minute amount under the child’s nose and finds that this would knock her out for hours.  She would place little Caylee in the trunk of her car where the child would stay asleep for the fun tine.  One night after the partying, she could hear cries coming from the trunk.  She decides, to fix that problem by duct taping the child’s mouth shut.   The chloroform idea was working but mommy needed more time so she used more chloroform.  The child did not sleep longer but died from an overdose.  Casey Anthony stays out longer then planed and parties up a storm.  She is having so much fun getting high that she decides that a long weekend is needed.  Once she is sober enough to remember that she has a child in the trunk of her car, she panics.  She opens the trunk and sees what she has done and for nothing more then selfish reasons.  Mommy then removes the girl from the trunk dumping the body in a swamp behind her mothers house because it was the only place she knew no one would find Caylee. The body would be wrapped in plastic and tossed in the water.  Once asked, Casey started to make up lies, which spiraled into a fantasy li.  She kept telling everyone her lies so many times that she believed the lies herself.  Already a disappointment to her mother and father, Casey, didn’t want to admit that she just killed her daughter.  If indeed those are the remains of little Casey Anthony, and we know that they are, then her soul can now be put to rest and the party can now continue behind bars for the remainder of Casey Anthony’s life.

Casey Anthony and women like her needs to understand what commitment is.  The obligation of having a child is not a game or something for you to do for a while until you decide you want to have fun.  Having a child is not something you do at such a young age.  Having a child means it is your child for life, no matter what.  It means sacrificing and responsibility.  What I would like is for Casey Anthony to close her eyes for a moment, call for someone that she can tell what happened.  This friend is called closure for a little soul trapped in a lost world where only mommy can set her free now.  It is such a shame when a child’s life is cut short.  She will not know how precious life is.  She will never get to experience any of the things Casey, her mother did.  God bless your precious soul little Caylee Anthony and soon my child, you will be avenged.


9 thoughts on “Caylee Anthony~Tears for Innocence

  1. You have a way with words. I hope it is not true but I have a feeling you hit it right out of the park.

  2. very well written and sadly enough probably very true. one way or the other casey will get what she deserves. iam just soo very sad for little caylee,god has the whole situation covered though….

  3. Does that first paragraph say that Caylee is “sitting in a jail cell awaiting trial”? I know that is not the case, but I’m pretty sure that’s what it says.

  4. Read it again:
    Caylee Anthony, a three year old child who was reported missing a month after she was allegedly abducted by a baby sitter as the mother is sitting in a jail cell awaiting trial next March for murder.

    Thanks for the comment anyway.

  5. Bob, I love your work, always have. I know you were one of a few that stuck up for this little girl. Nancy Grace was another. So many people just watch news, you made me feel it.

  6. In my opinion, Casey PLANNED to kill Caylee. She hated her, according to psychitrist Bethany Marshall, and wanted her dead. Casey thought Caylee was taking all the time, money and attention from HER, and wanted her out of the way once and for all. Remember, this sick, filthy child killer does not have the ability to FEEL guilt…she cares only about HERSELF. She planned this murder…months before it happened. She is a danger to society and should NEVER, EVER be released from prison..

  7. I agree, as I stated, she wanted her play time and a child was only in her way, selfish, guilt free, a normal person would have some guilt. casey Anthonyhad a lot more options then murder, her defence will try and pull an OJ defence, but it wont work this time. We will never know what really happened but we know what happened. Kasey, was just a party girl who wasn’t ready for children. While the whole time her parents were in denile, Casey was thinking of more lies to tell everyone because the only thing on her mind now is, “That little brat, now look what she has done to me.” it is self centered, and a crying shame.

  8. I have been going over all of my blogs here on wordpress. It will never cease to amaze me how I can be dead on so many times but one or two and people jump all over that. The scenario is just now coming out about using the chloroform as a baby sitter.

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