Casey Anthony~My Psychic Reading

I am not an evil son of a gun nor would I ever harm anyone or place my own burdens on anyone else. If I ever killed someone I would expect to take my punishment.

I watch Casey Anthony, a mother accused of killing her child, and see things more clearly then anyone else can. While I do not wish to come off as anything near insane, I am putting my mental stability on the line here, a very fine line as we all know by now.

I was brought up in a home where no one believed in my ability to see things clear. I would find myself standing on the corner with a friend at a very young age and watch as an elderly woman started to cross the street. I turned to my friend and told him that the woman was going to fall down. He started to laugh and when only a few seconds later that woman did indeed fall, he laughed even harder I am sorry to say. I felt many things over the years but as we all are very well aware of, more would call me a nut then a psychic. I don’t think of myself as psychic, only astutely aware.

In my opinion, we all need to say that before one is tried in a courtroom, Casey Anthony is clearly guilty here and only tricks of the trade will get her out of the mess she has gotten herself into. Here is my reading for Casey Anthony.

I can see her as a very small child, getting smothered with attention and love for a long time. I also see her used to that love and attention but somewhere, around the age of ten or twelve, that attention started to dwindle. What she had become accustomed to was now slipping away and that’s when I can see her starting to slip into psychosis. She became fixated on herself, trying to figure out how to gain the attention she was well accustomed to.

She would become more self-centered as the years pass as she looked for love elsewhere. I see her dating at a very early age trying to recreate what she had with her father. She meets someone, a regular guy, a good man, but needed his undivided attention. She would be pregnant with child during her search for self fulfillment at the age of eighteen but the father of her unborn child was not welcome in the Anthony family. He was hated because he was ethnic, either Spanish or Black. He is not in her world any longer.

Casey now living with her parents was getting more attention but something had changed, Casey was already over the edge, and the more attention she received, the more she needed, wanted. She meets someone who cares for her deeply and thinks of her child as his own. She started to become narcissistic and no one dare take their attention off of her or they would feel her wrath.

Casey used the Chloroform, her makeshift babysitter, to subdue the child while she was having her fun. She comes back to the car and hears the child crying. The next time she would use more, them more again only Caylee died. Casey is a very angry confused person. Her anger was towards her mother due to control issues. Casey would rather dose her daughter with chloroform and leave her in the trunk of her car then leave her with her mother that was acting as if she was indeed Caylee’s mother.

Unfounded accusations would flair and she would slowly push that man away also for the slightest attention focused anywhere else but for Casey, this would prove to be a sign of betrayal in her mind. She became more and more jealous of Caylee and the mothers bond would grow weaker ever so weaker as time passes and soon Grandmother would take over the roll as mommy. Casey would become more self absorbed until she wanted what she wanted and let no person stand in her way.

When Casey sees what her mother is trying to do, she becomes outraged. ‘I am the mother not you.” She was in a rage and would feel the need to take away what would seem like the only thing Grandmother loved in the world.

When Casey found her daughter was dead in her trunk, she never cried, only panicked. She returned home to gat something to place the child in and will toss her where she thinks no one would ever look Someone where Casey knew no one else would find.

“I feel that Caylee is close.” These words out of the mouth of Casey herself, are the only clue we miss. Calee will be found near the home surounded by water and brush, thick bushes or small trees.

Casey was so angry she would do something to Calee no matter what out of revenge of her mother. Casey will leave evedence behind making sure her mother would know what she had done.

Everyone in the limelite in this case, who are not working for the FBI or the Police dept directly is now involved in this murder in a cover-up. I am now going on record as saying, all family, and employees, of the family are now suspect including the guy that seemed to know where the dear child was tossed. If I were someone close to the case, I would look a quarte mile radius in a wooded area of the mothers home.

I sit and watch as Casey tries so hard, maybe too hard which is a part of her illness. The manor in which she holds herself is a strong indication. She is complacent when she is not the center of attention but weeping endlessly when she is. She is aware of her every move when people are watching her, like an actress improvising for her audience and is quite good at it. She would walk and a chair would be in her way and apologizes for that. Her every ismove staged to perfection.

She is a work in progress trying to make the world see that she is not the monster that she is which makes her a fraud. Her parents are in deep denial for our benifit but they make the mistake in trusting their flesh and blood and Casey knows it and uses that well to her advantage. Mommy and Daddy, shame on you for covering up which is the same as helping in this shamfull murder. She doesn’t believe in what she is telling the world, but thinks that we believe it. I believe that Casey Anthony suffers from a depression that started as a teenager along with being bi-polar, as well as controlling and manic. She will have someone write her story, the real story and the money made from this book will go to her parents to pay for legal defense which will not fail but at the same time not be as drastic as one would think it would be. I call the murder of that poor innocent soul a premeditated accident. In Casey’s mind, she was improvising a makeshift baby sitter using chloroform to subdue her child while she catered to her needs.

Every word out of Casey’s mouth would be another triumph in her mind. She believes that she can manipulate everyone. Casey will get twenty years for manslaughter which will leave the world speechless. She will serve twelve years which I see as a shame and a failure of our justice system.

This is what I see believable or not. I only ask you to watch as I do and look at it from another perspective, watch her movements, her demeanor, and her facial expression and her body language. She will say things like, “When I get out of this one, we will be ok.” She has seen trouble before which has been swept under the rug by a protective family but now, she has taken her selfishness to the extreme at another’s expense, her mother and her child. No one ever needs to see their child call their grandmother mommy. This would trigger off anger only Casey just never could control hers.. Time will tell if I speak truth or speculation, let me know what you think and thanks for your time.

21 thoughts on “Casey Anthony~My Psychic Reading

  1. I will be 40 in 12 years and my kids will be nearly grown, I wonder if you can see me killing that bitch after she gets out in 12 years? Cuz that is what I plan on doing if she runs free!

  2. I understand your anger. It never is about if you do the crime, it is always about how good your lawyer is. I am sure you won’t need to do anything like that. She will do herself in when she gets out.

  3. Well, I don’t necessarily agree with your assessment of who the father is, as Caylee is very caucasian in appearance. The father MIGHT be hispanic of a mixed caucasian/hispanic.
    Then again, my son’s father is Native American/Italian and my son is blond and blue eyed. So Hispanic is as far as I’d go on the genetic pool.

    I’d like to hear your thoughts on what Casey’s life will be like in prison and more importantly, what awaits her when she is released.

    Will people have ‘forgotten’?

  4. You think she will kill herself? I really like your writing style and I don’t think your spelling sucks anymore than mine, lol and I am not dyslexic 😀

  5. If she is isolated from people and alone with herself which she hates, she will do herself in but as things go, she is being catered to by family, friends, and lawyers so she gets what she wants once again.

  6. Narcissism = Casey A

    use their looks to get what they want, is able to plan and work towards goals successfully, loves themself, optimistic, sparkling, achiever, self promoting, self assured, success driven, thinks they can charm anyone, ambitious, elegant, thinks they are better looking than most people (which they may or may not be), believes that they are special, more a leader than a follower, believes that other people are envious of them, loves to win awards, fits in most places, seductive, purposeful, believes in success through appearances, assertive, goal oriented, would love to have buildings and monuments named after them, believes they deserve all the good things they have, likes to be popular

  7. More on that

    Narcissist characteristics
    Narcissists interact socially with others, but do not form relational social bonds with others. In order avoid being ‘owned’ by others, the narcissist reduces them to non-human objects.

    Narcissists often need to feel that they are the only good objects in the world and consequently harbor great envy, which appears as narcissistic rage that seeks to destroy the good objects of others. This leaves bad objects intact.

    The fear of extinction is very significant for narcissists. They often age badly and the signs of aging infuriate them. They envy the young and will avoid or denigrate them. Faced with damning external evidence, they may retreat further inside.

    Narcissists will deliberately harm themselves in order to frustrate others, failing exams, rejecting advice and taking drugs.

  8. First, let me say that I don’t have this all-consuming hate that a lot of people have for Casey Anthony. I KNOW that she’s guilty and there’s no getting around that.

    Secondly, let me say that I really enjoy your writing; regardless of any shortcomings that you might think you have.

    Thirdly, as far as being psychic goes, I applaud the way that you’re handling it. It shows real class.

  9. I am floored by all the great comments left here. I feel so the need to write it is the best way I know to get points across. Thanks for the interest in lil old me.
    Bob D. Caterino
    Author at Large, very large.

  10. OK, I’ll go along that you’re a nut job. And even IF, and that’s a very big if, Casey gets only 20yrs. for manslaughter, the other charges will tack on another 20+ years. And that’s assuming that she will “only” get 20 years out of 60 plus she is eligible for.
    So I’ll see your 20 and raise you 25-to-life without parole, for murder1. AND I’m calling that Baez will crawl back for a deal, and that’s the best deal he will get.

  11. We shall see. Lets rememeber OJ Simpson, the man was cleared of any wrong doing after he slit two peoples throats. Do aces up my sleeve count? Her attorneys are getting paid to do their job. Something will go wrong here, very wrong. Casey is not stupid. She has been playing people all her life and the insane has more of a grip on a reality that we will never know. She plays for the camera and will piss off people like you and eat you up for dinner. Never underestimate the criminal mind. I hope she gets a million years and ends up killing herself within the first year but it aint gonna happen. I knew OJ was guilty as sure as Obama is gonna fail big time but thats me. Time will tell. Now if you are right then I will admit that I was so wrong here, but if I am right????? I don’t play the name calling game either. That just shows how people like you think. Nutjob? Ha ha hahaha, there is a fine line between being a nut and being normal and I will admit I am on a tightrope, I still stand behind my thought process and will always show anyone in debate with me respect. Democrate huh? They always show their true colors when they can’t have a diolog, they always name call right out the gate. I took the time to debate here but I wouldn’t for anyone who is afraid to use real email, real names, or anything that would ID you for the world to see. Anything else you have to say will need to be identified as a real person not a fake, fraud, or phoney, thanks for the comment.

  12. I must say Your Blog is very interesting Bob.
    You might be on to something.
    Myself I can’t even speculate what will happen to Casey at the
    I do know the Defense will do everything they can to get
    Casey the least Time for the Crime committed.
    In my Opinion it was not an Accident.
    If it were an Accident
    You wouldn’t use Duct Tape to cover a 2 Year olds Mouth.

    We just have to wait and see what Evidence will be presented at the Trial and who does the better Job, the Prosecution or
    the Defense to persuade the Jury to come up with a fair
    Conclusion in this Case.

  13. I think she was having fun with her make shift baby sitter, duct tape, knocking her out for a time, and when she sawwhat she had sdone she was afraid, paniced, and like anyone with a childs mind like Casey, she didn’t want to disapoint anyone so she covered up and ad~libed responses to all that asked.

  14. I have a felling from the photos i have seen that the tot mom likes too swing both ways.i have no dought about i dought her time in jail will be very hard on her.I can only hope that if they find that if her parents have decieved the FBI that they will be procuted to the full extent of the law.that poor baby could and should have been found much sooner.

  15. I don’t believe it was an accident, because of the fact that she researched “neck breaking”. That poor innocent little girl…:-(

  16. Nancy Grace is using my makeshift Baby sitter=chloriform statement. I said it long before she used it which was a few days ago and then again tonight. Call me a nut but I was right, am right and everything I say is used by the authorities and all the television shows. Iam working on three cases at the same time at the moment and so far two are right on the money inclusing what will happen in the courts. My name is left out by request.

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